Wine tradition

Bignotti cellars
were created for
the willing to rediscover the wine tradition of Vallecamonica..

A family business

The winery was established in 1997, when Bignotti’s family decided to start to cultivate the tiny vineyard of the paternal grandfather, who had always run it and had produced wine from the grapes in the traditional 15thcentury-cellars located in via Monte Grappa.

The Guyot

In the same year as the creation of the company, they began to position a portion of this vineyard according to a new growing methodology: the guyot.

The following year, in 1998, with “Cultivar delle Volte”, after 20 years from the disappearance of the Lanzato wine, the first bottle of Valcamonica wine was produced.

The territorial restoration

In 2001, the small vineyard was entirely hidden, whence the necessity of buying an old vineyard, which had remained uncultivated for 25 years and partially reforested, but which had been devoted to wine at the times of Lanzato wine: the Fenocolo vineyard.

Then, the activity for territorial restoration that led to the cultivation of about 3 yards of land started.

The terracing

Today, the vineyard is wholly terraced; between a wall and another, the terraces can reach a height of one meter and a half. The slopes are always higher than 30% and, in the steepest points, they exceed 70%.

Nowadays, by the vineyards, some olive treeshave grown and are used for the production of the extra virgin olive oil “Cultivar delle volte”.