I Nostri Vigneti

i luoghi dove cresce lanostra passione per il vino.

The area

In the village of Piancogno along the old road “delle Volte” which links the village to its suburb called “Annunciata”, the two plots of land which give birth to our wines extend.

Along the road “Delle Volte”

The first vineyard you come across along the road “Delle Volte” can be distinguished behind the church of the village called Piamborno.

Where all has started

It is actually the original vineyard from which all the project has started and it is located alongside the historical cellars of the 15th century, in which the wine making and the refinement of all our wines “ Cultivar delle volte” still take place.

The expantion

The second vineyard is located up ahead in the “conca del Fenocolo” , just below the first of the many turns that characterize the ancient road.